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Israeli sofas by Wieder - a true pleasure bedtime treat for your body and rest assured for all 365 days a year. Wieder company was established in 1949. It’s founder was Abraham Wieder. Over the years, it has grown from a small shop into a huge factory in Kiryat Bialik, and its production was exported to 48 countries! In Israel, beds and sofas of Wieder are so popular that one out of every six people was concieved on a Wieder sofa or bed.       Wieder is especially popular in Europe - where there is an essential problem of small apartments, as virtually any model can be transformed into a full double bed.        Another "signature" element of the beds and sofas from Wieder - this is their orthopedic properties. The fact that all orthopedic beds are equipped with special springs that leave the spine straight while sleeping, and since we spend a third of our life in a dream, then estimate how important the health and  a comfortable bed is . By the way, all the mechanical parts of the sofa company provides warranty - 5 years.     There are plenty of color palettes  of fabrics, and huge inventory. Customers can choose the desired color and fabric in the store. The wood colors   can be selected for the legs and arms as well. 
              Comfort, reliability and quality always by Wieder.